These 2020 Legging Trends Are Coming for Your Basic Styles

Leggings?could easily be described as a classic wardrobe staple at this point. But like most fashion items, the stretchy pants you wear for workouts or to lounge in your off-duty life still follow the ebbs and flows of the trend cycle. While your?basic black leggings?will never actually be out of style, there are actually a variety of fresh cuts trickling into the ever-changing fashion market to give them a run for their money in 2020. But don?t worry, many of the new updates are in the details and don?t sacrifice the actual functionality of leggings.

Keep scrolling to dive into the coolest new legging silhouettes that matter & to check out the biggest legging trends of 2020?and breathe new life into your performance wardrobe.

Colorful Leggings

The leggings market has become oversaturated, and as a result, a lot of bells and whistles have been added to leggings in order to stand out. People will want clean, simple, and great fabrics in expressive colorways. A legging that supports their personal expression, opposed to imposing a brand voice on the wearer.


In 2020, the legging trend will continue in two big ways. In activewear, it will be all about trim and seaming details, while in ready-to-wear, leggings will evolve into more fashion-forward silhouettes. Right now all customers are gravitating toward front detailing, such as zip and waist ties, which double as functional and stylish.


Thong Leather Leggings, $49.00


Shiny Zipper Leggings, $49.00


For S/S 20, Alo is setting the trend with a utilitarian vibe, feel, and function. You?ll see leggings made for moving throughout the day with ease that involve pocketing, zips, and cool storage details. This allows one to get through the day with the ability to adapt to her ever-changing environment. Not only is this a super functional aspect to design, but it encompasses a trend in fashion that will last throughout 2020 and beyond.

Thong Leggings, $39.00


For 2020, neon colors?especially in solid neon pink ?are a style everyone’s excited about for the new year.


High-Quality Leggings, $49.00

Push Up Leather Leggings, $29.00

So, here you have the main trends of leggings to stand out from the crowd. Let us know which leggings you like the most! Comments are on for you ?

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