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How come men don’t like shopping but women do?

Do you like shopping? The answer to this question may partly depend on your sex. The fact that men hate shopping isn’t just a myth. How come?

Let’s look at some numbers, a survey was conducted in 2017 and 2000 Brits, both men and women, were asked about their shopping experience. The survey found that men get bored after 26 minutes of shopping whereas women can last 2 hours. The research also says that 80% of men don’t enjoy shopping and 46% try to avoid this experience completely!

Further research shows that almost half of married couples end up having an argument when shopping. Looking deeper into the issue, researches found that the whole shopping question relates to human development and human anthropology.

Women have a knack for shopping…

And they’ve had it for s very long time. Do you ever wonder why? A long time ago, society was based on hunters and gatherers. Men were hunting for food while women were gathering fruit in case the men came back empty-handed. Now see if the next part sounds familiar.

While men were following a specific goal: hunt, kill and bring home, women were meandering around the forest, selecting only the best fruit ready to be picked and coming home with full “bags”.

Do you see any similarities?

Whether you consider this theory to be true or not, it is worth giving it a thought. It might help you understand each other more when shopping together.