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The 5 sexiest pieces of men’s clothing according to women

The sexiest clothes that men can wear are rough jeans and a plain white t-shirt. This result comes from American research where women were asked about the sexiest clothes that men can wear. We forensically examined the research and now we can bring you the definitive list.

So… jeans and a plain white t-shirt

This combination exudes a charm that cannot be resisted. If you want to get the “bad boy” look, you should add this to your arsenal. Be careful when choosing the right pair of jeans though, they shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose. The middle way is best.

A touch of elegance

Suits and ties are almost as seductive for women as evening gowns are for men. So why not embrace this effect on a daily basis. Maybe you cannot look like James Bond every day, but you can still look classy with a jacket accompanying your t-shirt and jeans. Elegance will not only bring a breath of fresh air into your closet but also a lot of female admirers.

Detail worth noticing

Watches. Maybe your eyes wander to your wrist where you see a smartwatch. This device might make your everyday life easier but unfortunately the opposite sex does not find it so appealing. A classy stylish watch is mandatory if you want to add a touch of class to your look.

Love of sport

In love with the gym? Show it! Not by wearing the gym clothes you have had forever and that you wouldn’t want to be seen in. Invest in stylish athletic clothes and turn your passion into an opportunity to meet somebody new.

It’s the shoes that matter

If you don’t wear socks in sandals, congratulations! : ) It may surprise you but women usually check out men from bottom to top. It’s the shoes that get to make a first impression. Trainers are ranked first, women simply love them. Don’t be afraid to play with colours, patterns? Let your creativity flow. In the end, even a pair of trainers can be a great conversation starter.