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Women in leather are so sexy! Where did this love come from?

Leather is simply hot. This is one of life’s truths, confirmed by the sheer amount of head-turns a woman in leather gets while walking down the street. Where did this obsession start?

A Bit of History

In bygone times, leather was one of the most accessible materials used both by the aristocracy and peasants. In the 1920s, leather found its way into pop culture thanks to motorcycle lovers. Later the torch was passed to rockers, punks, and eventually made its way into the fashion industry.

That’s why leather has become one the most sought-after materials being worn in style throughout the world. It looks sexy, seductive, and it opens new possibilities.

Leather is considered one of the world’s most seductive materials

American research says that almost 47% of men think that leather is the sexiest material worn by women. It is in heavy competition over the first position with lace, which also ignites passion in men. Now imagine a beautiful woman clad in both leather and lace… Wow. Irresistible. No wonder that it’s exactly these two materials that lead to many playful situations.

How to relish leather?

It really depends on you. Whether or not a woman in leather leggings inspiries foreplay before the bedroom or waits for you on the bed, the choice is yours. Once you succumb to the magic of leather there is no way back. All you have to do is choose the right piece of clothing. If you are looking for more inspiration you’ll find it here.